April 08, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi winner Mandla addresses controversy

After having an unprotected relationship twice on the show, Big Brother winner Mandla Hlatshwayo says he wishes he had been more responsible and used rubber.

Hlatshwayo and Lexi van Niekerk kept viewers glued to their seats with their steamy romance and relationship scenes.

Despite the fact that the show was sponsored by a popular brand of rubber, Lovers Plus, and rubber were easily accessible, the two did not make use of them.

Hlatshwayo said there was no excuse for not using a rubber as they were placed all over the house.

“It was a heated moment, I do feel that we should have been responsible as rubber was a few metres (away).”

Hlatshwayo and Van Niekerk’s indiscretions happened before the Human Sciences Research Council released a survey on the increasing prevalence of HIV.

The survey reported that among men aged between 25 and 29, rubber use fell to 36.1 percent, down from 44.1 percent in 2012, and women were also reported to have registered a decline in rubber use.

Catherine Hlatshwayo, Mandla’s mom, sounded irritated during a telephonic interview with The Star.

Asked for a comment on the relationship scene between Mandla and Van Niekerk, she said: “It’s nothing, I’m fine with it,” and quickly hung up the phone.

The two had relationship a few weeks ago on national television during “shower hour”, and Hlatshwayo asked Big Brother for morning-after pills during his next diary session.

The couple’s two-week courtship started off with a sensual massage and moved on to late-night talks and showers.

Hlatshwayo said he and Van Niekerk would meet and talk about whether they wanted to pursue a relationship.

Hlatshwayo, who has a girlfriend and child outside the show, said the relationship with his girlfriend had “challenges” before he entered the house, and they weren’t on speaking terms.

He felt he owed her an explanation about the events on the show.

“I want to explain myself so we can part ways the best way we can.”

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