April 16, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Winner is still confused on which girl to be with

Johannesburg – Mandla Hlatshwayo’s dilemma is not how he will spend his R1m after winning Big Brother Mzansi – it’s which girl he’ll choose.

While on the show, Hlatshwayo had a relationship with fellow housemate, Capetonian Lexi van Niekerk.

But his girlfriend, Sthandwa Kobile, is waiting for him at home.

Speaking from the Hilton in Sandton, where he has been shacking up, Hlatshwayo said he had not made up his mind about the future.

“There is a part of me that refuses to succumb to choosing. I am willing to settle with being friends with both of them until I decide.”

Since his victory last Sunday, he hasn’t spoken to either woman because he’s been too busy giving interviews.

Hlatshwayo, 24, steamed up Mzansi Magic’s screens last month when he and Van Niekerk got hot and heavy in the shower.

They were roundly criticised for not using rubber.

“I will not put any ‘buts’ and qualify what we did. We should have known better, we had femidoms and rubber, but we got carried away.

“We were irresponsible in how we did it, considering the prevalence of HIV/Aids in South Africa. It was not planned. We showered together 100 times before, but that night we got taken. It was the heat of the moment.

“We had a relationship before and we were cautious enough to play safe.

His shower scene got people talking for another reason: the size of his manhood.

“I believe that I was given enough for me. I am a size 10 [shoes]. My feet would look strange on a shorter man. Whatever I have is in proportion to my body.”

The aspirant rapper now dreams of launching a career in hip hop.

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