April 12, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Season 3 wrap up

It was here and we lived it and breathed it and now it's gone and we feel like we've lost a best friend, we sure you do to; so we thought we would round up the entire 63 days for you in one article.

We were glued to our screens when the handsome Lungile introduced the 12 Housemates and eight Chambermates on the stage. 

This was Big Brother Mzansi Secrets and Biggie started with his twists and turns from the very beginning as he locked the eight Chambermates out of sight with no sunlight or fresh air for two weeks, you don't get darker than that. 

As Chambermates were banished, the eight Housemates were given Secret missions (more like pranks) to play on their new friends for the evening; this set yet another Secret tone for the show.

As Housemates entered the House, we could see from the starting line which couples were going to take the main stage and keep up guessing 'will they or won't they'... and they did! Lexi and Mandla kept us glued to our screens as their romance unfolded over 63 days and they sold us a dream of love. 

From Day 1, our milli winner stood out as the main man, even if he did have a penchant for wearing the ladies' thongs.

It was week one, and it was time for someone to take control which means it was time for the Head of House challenge and it was the flambouyant Mzamo who took the crown and he would do so four times during his stay in the House.

Biggie wasn't going to keep quiet about the Chambermates for too long and all was revealed on Day 1 via WeChat on a Touchscreen monitor.. Biggie revealed that The Chambermates weren't officially in the game but have to compete among each other for the coveted spot in the Big Brother House. Only then would Biggie elevate them from Chambermate to Housemate status. 

There was a second round of chats and the reason for these getting to know you negotiations was so the Housemates could get to know their fellow Chambermates and Vote in the ones they felt would be the best fit. 

But nobody likes change and the stress of the imminent Chambermate walking into the House was starting to fray the Housemates' nerves as emotions were high and tensions were fraught. 

It was Lola that felt it hardest as she was a sensitive soul and crying seemed to help this lady through her gruelling Game. The Live Show the week after the Big Brother Mzansi Game started saw the first Chambermate cross the threshold to the House, and that was Kgosi. 

Iris was the second Chambermate to be upgraded to Housemate status and this footballer loving lady beat the odds and became the overall runner up in the Big brother Mzansi Secrets Game.

Day 1 also Housemates saw Jase and Kat getting cozy. The first week of the House was all about romance when we reflected on the Sunday, and we couldn't have hoped for more.

Biggie set the routine early in the House and this meant discipline and dedication as he handed out the first Task which centred around personal branding and the point of all Tasks was to wage B-Bucks with Biggie. 

Gamble 100 percent and win, Housemates would get all items and luxuries on their shopping list. Lose and it would be the bare essentials. Housemates had good weeks and bad weeks, all depending on the Task issued, nobody can win them all.

To keep Housemates active and on their toes, Biggie also instigated the Arena Games and if Housemates triumphed in these challenges, Biggie would reward them with a little something nice at the end of the week, see, he wasn't all bad! Rewards ranged from extra bottle of Shap Shaps to ice cream and waffles.

Friday Night Games got more contentious as the season continued and the stakes got higher and higher. From money buzzing games to a Secret Suite 501 for Kat, Biggie kept us and the Housemates guessing.

Every Saturday night was the Channel O party in the Party Zone and with Shap Shaps a flowing, this was the night that we usually saw tantrums, tiaras and fur flying and Lexi was not afraid to release her inner drama queen whether it was party time or not!

Weekends were not complete without the occasional celebrity thrown into the House to stir things up and provide a much needed break to the hum-drum of every day life in the House and relief from tensions and strategies. Or if celebrities aren't your thing, why not make your own roll-on to break the routine?

And talk about strategies, we had voluntary exits which were then withdrawn after an innocent prank nearly tipped Lola over the edge, but make no mistake, being in a House with strangers and no escape is not easy and you aren't going to get along with everyone, in fact there were some down right awful personality clashes. Lexi and Iris anyone?

Naughty, naughty Housemates got the sharp end of Biggie's stick when they blatantly contravened the rules of the Game, Biggie issued his first Strike to Thando, Jase and Lola as they tried to strategise Nominations. 

Bad move! Lexi earned herself a Strike too after a particularly raucous argument where Lady Lex threw a bottle of booze on the floor. And that was not the last of them. Lady T got her second Strike for conspiring again and this landed all the Housemates in the Eviction pool.

The first Eviction is always the hardest and it was raven-haired Vanessa that was the first to go. Biggie then kept the Housemates guessing every Sunday Live Show as they were never able to guess just how many of them would be going home.

Biggie saved the best till last as the Housemates had no idea that they were only going to be in the House for 63 days. Boom! That just happened and last week saw all the Housemates leave the Big Brother Mzansi House , some with a little pocket money and some without. Well done to our Winner, Mandla and everyone else for being such a great sport.

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