April 06, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Highlights: Day 62

08:30: We just a day away from the grand finale, who’s your favourite to take home the R1 million?

09:17: Sol of the house tries to woo the ladies; Kat and Loko, he surely got some guts, huh?

09:42: Kat shares with Sol about a dream she had last night but she hardly remembers what happened.

09:52: Loko is all moody this morning, she looks great today.

10:05: Dinner in the skies, what a pleasant surprise that must have been for our finalists, read it all here.

10:30: What did you make of the ‘Drinking Games‘ yesterday?  These Finalists really enjoyed themselves

10:50: Sol and Loko face-off after a game of cards turns sour, they both call each other losers.

10:55: “Sol you have been a loser your whole life and you will continue being a loser,” Loko shouts.

11:17 The Housemates need your Vote. Show your loyalty by voting for your favourite Housemate. Don't stop! Keep them votes coming...

11:42 Here are our final Top six Housemates again. Kat, Loko, Mandla, MK, Sol and Iris. They all made it this far and we the most honorable thing to do is to congratulate them as many times as we can. You guys are almost near the end. Can you smell the million?

12:02 Taking it easy; The Housemates are just cruising to the finale. No pressure, this shows that they've put all their trust in their fans. Loving it, loving it.

12:44 Kat's dream seems to be something very close to her heart, she cant stop talking about it. All she wants is to share the "interestingly" weirddream. Luckily for her, her bestie Loko has all the time to listen.

13:11 Iris is showing the boys who's 'boss', in a game of cards. We all know she loves winning and of course she makes sure that when she does, she rubs it on everyone's face.

13:56 Tomorrow night is the Final Live Show and we have more entertainment for you than you can shake a stick at! HHP, Kuli Chana, Dr Malinga and Mafikizolo. Can you handle it?

14:45 We want to know what your favourite moments in the House were now that the show is drawing to an end. Get involved using the hash tag #BBBestMoments

15:14 Your favourite Big Brother Mzansi moments so far! Keep them coming using the hash tag #BBBestMoments!

15:48 We caught up with what Poolie has been up to outside the House! This Cape Tonian sure misses his mountain.

16:37 Mandla dares Kat to make a move on him. Oh dear, look away Lexi.

16:59 Sol and Iris share an awkward moment? How did that happen?

17:37 MK takes his habitual nap outside on the hammock while the others engage in a group conversation with Loko throwing in her signature Nigerian accent every now and again, just for nje.

18:24 It looks like it is time to get ready for the Channel O party zone tonight! Mandla and all the girls have taken to prepping their outfits in anticipation for tonight where it will be the epic DJ Dimplez heating it up.

19:04 Mandla, Sol and Iris settle at the table for a game of cards before the madness of tonight ensues. The calm before the storm?

20:00 Are you ready Mzansi? Just one more Hour till the Channel O party zone. Get ready for some juicy news.

Finally, it appears that MK has awoken from his slumber and is getting ready for tonight's party. Let's help he stops sulking and tries to enjoy himself.

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