April 04, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Highlights: Day 61

09:05: The last weekend in the Big Brother Mzansi house this season sets in, there was an impressive turn todaay during the morning exercises. Meanwhile, Sol makes himself some eggs, Kat does her hair upstairs and the rest of the pack chill around the house.
09:10: Starting out the day in style as always, Loko applies a face mask and Kat decides to don an ornate head piece.

10:00: While some housemates decide to go back to sleep, MK opts to engage in some housework and ironing.

10:16: Mandla and Kat bond in the bedroom, they talk about life…

11:05: The girls continue with their naps as the boys clean up the house, sounds nice!

12:58: After her nap, Kat joins the boys downstairs and sits on the couch, meanwhile, Mandla continues with his cleaning exercise while Kat tells him about her ‘trip to Canada’.

13:15: Biggie plays some nice music as Sol and Kat engage in a game of cards.

13:20: Finally Iris also wakes up and starts organizing and packing her clothes. Sheriff Loko is steal in slumber.

14:40: The Finalists decide to go outside and get some sun while enjoying a rather tasteful game of croque.

14:46 MK is looking turnt up today! Maybe it's for the Friday night games or maybe just for nje but the man is looking good in that purple shirt with a black tie and matching waistcoat.

15:13 While all the others are outside playing games and dancing MK and Kat have a conversation about university's, turns out Kat has studies at both Monash and LISOF.

16:07 Biggie can try, but the Housemates will always revert back to old favourites, like a good ol' game of cards.

16:40 MK takes a moment to himself in the garden before joining in on another game of croquet with Kat and Mandla. This guy hey, always so pensive.

17:28 Sol of the House in the Diary Room of the House. Biggie has so far asked Housemates all a question in vernacular. Sit back and wait for Sol's vernacular tirade.

18:40 Loko reads out the Friday Night Games brief and sends the Housemates into a speculating frenzy. What could be in store for them tonight.

19:04 The Housemates are summoned to the garden in preparation for the Friday Night Games.

19:15 The Housemates get a mega surprise of their lives; a dinner in the sky! Share your thoughts and excitement. On Twitter it's #BBSkyDinner

19:30 Loko and Iris send shout out's to all their fans from way way up in the sky.

19:43 After classy main course the Housemates get to bump the likhwa all the way up in the sky. How high can they go!

20:00 It's time for a selfie! A moment in the sky is a moment to capture! The Housemates have only 30 minutes left in the sky.

20:20 The Housemates play a sneaky drinking game in the sky.

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