April 02, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Highlights: Day 59

09:00 After a grueling work out led by, none other than, Caz, the Housemates find ways to make their ride to Cape Town more interesting.

09:02 Mandla mounts his bike and gets to riding to Cape Town.

09:05 Kat snoozed through the morning work out and is still snoozing.

09:19 Iris hops on the bike and puts her mileage in. After all that shuffling her limbs are starting to take a strain.

09:46 Kat wakes up and makes her bed. The Housemates seem worn out. Endurance Week is putting them to quite a test.

10:27 Congratulations Loko for all that mileage! Kat tears into a plate of greasy chicken wings.

10:52 The Final week is upon the unassuming Housemates and boy have there been outstanding moments, from a raging Lexi smashing bottles to whichever one of Sol's infamous Dairy Sessions. We want to know which moments have been the most memorable for you. Share it with us on #BBFlashbacks
12:16 Now that it's the final week, who do you think was the best HoH, four-times winner Mzamo, Jase, Sol, Loko or Mandla?

12:44 Sol of the House on the couch of the House playing with a hanger... of the House. Are the Housemates that bored?

13:20 How long can you run for? These guys are really being put through their paces. Biggie, you're cruel.

13:49 Sol of the House in the Diary Room. When Biggie asked who he would like to see with him at the end of the game, he said everyone other than Iris and Mandla. "Nothing personal, they're just strong contenders."

14:16 As Housemates chat to Biggie in the Diary Room and Biggie asks the big "what do you think the big surprise is?" Housemates are flummoxed with their answers. Although Mandla and Kat are both hoping it's not a massage. Surprising after all that exercise.

14:54 The Housemates are hating, quite literally hating this week's Task. Here's what you think of their exercise routines!

15:32 Sol reminisces with Loko about Poolie. "Show us your hidden talents, Poolie, show them Poolie". Sol says. No we don't understand either.

16:03 As we draw to the end of Big Brother Mzansi Secrets game, we wrap up all of Biggie's Secret surprises for you in one article.

16:27 Wow, Mandla massages Kat's back and front. Let's really hope Lexi ain't watching.

16:59 Take a trip down memory lane as we reflect on the some of the best moments so far.

17:32 Loko decides to let off a little steam and dance it out in the garden while Sol and Iris chill on the couch and Mandla cleans up the kitchen.

18:33 Even though the rain is coming down in full force, both Loko and MK are still outside manning the fire, that's dedication right there.

19:18 Iris gets animated on the couch while chatting to her new found friend Sol. She really seems to of come out of her shell in the last couple of days.

19:50 MK takes a short nap on the hammock outside. His dedication for the flame is real.

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