April 02, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Highlights: Day 58

09:00 The Housemates seem to be exhausted today as they just lie in. The fans on the other hand have fun with each other as today is April Fools Day.

09:30 Mandla takes some time out to focus on his laundry. Going somewhere Mandla?

10:00 Mandla retreats to the bedroom to have a glass of milk and a banana.

10:45 Housemates are taking it easy while Mandla builds a house of cards in his bed.

12:20 Biggie calls Loko into the Diary Room for the Task Brief.

12:30 After waking up from a deep afternoon nap, Housemates learn that for this week's Task, their endurance shall be put to the test.

13:00 Housemates deliberate over different strategies in hopes of wining big in this weeks Task.

14:30 Biggie lays down the rules and the cycling begins with Kat and Iris. Ride on ladies.

14:33 Diary session commence and the topic of discussion is this weeks Wager.

14:37 Mk tells Big Brother about his sleep walking incidence last night.

14:50 Iris enters the Diary Room to chat with Biggie. She reckons Sol and MK are the alpha males of the House because they are both opinionated individuals.

14:57 Kat, due to an injury, steps of the stationary bicycle and Mandla takes over.

15:00 Sol enters the Diary Room and sheds light on what he thinks of his fellow Housemates paranoia and Kat's behavior towards Mandla.

15:15 Iris and Mandla working up a sweat.

15:15 HoH Loko expresses her enthusiasm about the Task.

15:30 Mandla tells Biggie that he misses Lexi and that she is irreplaceable.

15:48 Kat tells Biggie about her and "Mandels" living arrangement now that Lexi has been Evicted.

16:48 MK is on the bicycle and Iris looks exhausted besides him.

17:05 Sol doing a decent job on the bicycle.

18:23 Housemates are still at it, cycling all the way to Cape Town.

19:00 Mandla and MK are still going strong on the bikes. Looking good guys, the Housemates are really serious about this Task.

20:17 Iris takes a deserved nap on the couch after cycling while the boys are back on the grind. Mandla and Sol get back on the proverbial horse in order to win the Wager.

20:36 MK starts the fire in the garden in preparation for the next Task.

20:45 Both Loko and Sol join MK outside to assit him in letting their 'Olympic flame' ablaze. These guys really are starting to embody a little family.

21:00 Mandla joins everyone outside to help with the fire and MK hops back on the bike and MK decides to booty hop in the mirror.

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