April 01, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi Highlights: Day 57

09:00 After the morning workout, the final six all clean the House together and make some breakfast. Things seem so quiet since yesterday's evictions.

09:17 Kat and Mandla play fight on the bed over a toy bunny. She is definitely trying to make her move now that Lexi is gone.

09:45 In order to lift the mood, Sol, Kat and Mandla sing some morning songs in the kitchen.

10:28 Mandla, Sol and MK sit down for a game of cards. Playing the fool and sharing laughs. At least these guys have each other's friendship to get them through the last week.

10:54 Kat's favourite song comes blaring through the speakers and she misses it for a young snooze.

11:22 Even though Biggie is bumping some of the hottest local tunes around, the ladies still seem to be sleeping their day away. The dreams will be over soon though as Arena Games are looming. Wakey wakey ladies.

12:03 The ladies finally come downstairs and join the guys in a game of cards. It's about time. Welcome back Kat and Loko.

12:43 After a Task brief in, the Housemates get ready for the Arena Games.

12:52 MK and Sol have little nervous chat about voting begining tonight. Sol announces a hit single he plans to work on, on the outside, while they wait to be shipped out to the Arena. They all agree that it feels good to still be in the Game.

13:11 The Housemates are all strapped up and rearing to go in the Arena. It looks like they'll be getting themselves down and dirty. Is that an obstacle course or what

13:30 Lokiris is up first. That's quite a tight rope they are having to walk! The boys are cheering them on though.

13:46 Sol wobbles around but in the end makes it to the other side. It's wonderful to see such camaraderie among the Housemates. 

14:18 The boys win this time around! With Sol their team and all that cheering both teams made it to the end of the obstacle course. The girls come back to their beds removed from the House.

14:38 Mandla does some reshuffling and moving around. The poor guy still seems gutted by Lexi's departure.

14:53 The store room door is flung open and out came the this weeks groceries and treats. Kat cooks up a storm for the remaining six Housemates.

15:25 Mandla sits down and talks to Biggie about Lexi's eviction. He says that he definitely did not see it coming at all, he misses her terribly and he hopes that wherever she is, that she is happy.

15:46 Iris tells Biggie that the Housemates feel that Big Brother Mzansi is going to end sooner than expected.

16:08 Its that time again, I hope you are comfortable because Sol of the House is in the Diary room and he tells Biggie that Lexi's departure completely shocked him as he thought Iris would be the one to go.

16:27 Kat tells Biggie that she is very happy with the final six in the House, she says she gets along with everyone and she is happy that certain people have left.

16:38 MK talks about the evictions last night, he says that it was something of a double surprise for him. He was close to the both of him in his own way.

17:20 As you can see for yourself today, Mandla and Loko are trying their best to cope without their lovers (Poolie and Lexi). Earlier today, they told Biggie that they miss them so much. 

18:19 Rain or no rain, the Housemates just do it anyway. There is nothing quite like a traditional South Africa Braai! We all love to braai – and those of you who are braai enthusiasts love to braai anytime, anywhere and everywhere, just like our Housemates.

18:40 The House is super peaceful right now. How amazing? The Housemates are like one big happy family.

18:50 Kat and Mandla are in the kitchen, bonding over conversations. 

19:32 MK and Loko are discussing Kat. MK says he is not surprised that Kat is avoiding what happened between the two of them and also adds that what happened between him and Kat is not anyone's business but his.

20:05 The Top 6 are stunned to find copious amounts of booze in the Store Room. Loko is so shocked she calls Iris to help her take it all in.

20:20 Kat's plan to snag Mandla seems to be on track. The two have spent most of the evening stuck like glue. How about that lash-batting from Kitty Kat?

20:45 After dinner, Kat insists the alcohol will go down better if everyone clears the dishes and the gang tidies up first. MK saves the day by offering to do it all himself. 

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