April 03, 2014

Beauty queen Iris breaks her leg

Iris broke her leg and sat it out after she complained about the Endurance Task last evening for close to 30 minutes,
The diva could just end up hobbling out of the Big Brother Mzansi House this Sunday. Well, that's if she's not acting.

When the buzzer went off, signalling the start of an hour of jogging, most of the Housemates dropped what they were doing and started running around the House with determination written all over their faces.

Kat, Mandla and Loko led the gang in song and for a moment it looked like victory was in sight. Enter Iris. After complaining for the first ten minutes of the challenge, Iris asked if she could go pee. Mandla told her "Go right ahead, but jog while you pee. 

You must Peeog." he said. After disappearing into the loo for a while, Iris came back out and after a misstep; she dramatically lay sprawled on the floor, claiming to have broken her leg. She was helped onto the couch, where she sat for the duration of the challenge. 

Her fellow Housemates didn't seem to be buying Iris' story however, and Loko told her "I wish my leg was broken too so I don’t have to jog for the whole day."

Endurance Week is not the first time Iris has hurt her leg. A couple of weeks ago, she feigned injury to get sympathy and TLC from MK.

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