April 02, 2014

A laugh, a cry, snap shot as time flew by

The Final stretch of a race is always the most testing. Without Endurance the reward at the end fades with every turn of the wheel. 

This is the very Final week of the first ever season of Big Brother Mzansi and the top six need nothing but Endurance to count down to the prize money at the end of this tunnel.

It’s at times like these, as we look forward to the big announcement this Sunday during the Live Finale Show, that we cast our glances back to the moments that made us laugh, cry and damn near chuck a boot at the tube. 

From Mzamo and Thando’s chorus of phrases to Lola screeching into her breaking point, and now Big Brother Mzansi’s first ever girl band ‘Lokaris’ singing and shimmying their way into the Final week.

We’ve compiled a scrumptious selection of moments to pack into your back pack of memories as we prepare to send you on your merry way.

We’ll start things off with the first rivalry; a rivalry that earned the Housemates a stern talking to from a worried Biggie. The cold war between Iris and Lexi rattled even the iciest of ice berg with Iris confessing to hating Lexi. (Gasp!) When Lexi couldn’t be bothered to welcome former Chambermate Iris when she arrived, hostility grew a pair and ran rife with various divisions taking foot.

Many had reason to believe that the conflict lay in Lexi’s territorial ways, some were convinced she was insecure about a spark igniting between Mandla and her nemesis. 

But did Iris have to gossip about Lexi behind her back in a language she wouldn’t understand? And how a far a role had Kat played in deepening their divide?

When it came to Tasks, who could forget the dark days when the Housemates struggled through a losing streak of note? 

But they impressed during Dance Week with their proudly South African jiving. And when Mzamo broke a record and ascended the Head of House thrown, not one but four thrashing times! What a feat!

Big Brother seemed to play a twisted Game with each Friday Night Game. From Thando getting dunked in a puddle in a Game of personality traits to Secret gossip sessions and banter being exposed for all to hear, Big Brother always upped the ante. 

The most delicious Games of them all was when Thando and Mandla watched a pile of doe climb and climb only to see it vanish into thin air. Thando had her sights set on it more than Mandla did but her greed got the better of her.

Remember Lola? The fiery read head with an infamous sensitive side? Her’s was a breakdown to break barriers. 

After five too many childish pranks and chocolate on the toilet seat this girl reached her threshold. She swore, raised hell and wanted out!

While Biggie was able to hush the blubbering belle we reckon her fans couldn’t recover from such an outburst. It wasn’t too long before the lass was sent packing.

On a lighter note, Sol of the House has provided ample entertainments and laughs. Whether we were laughing at him or with him remains to be seen. 

From trying his luck with our resident femme fatale Kat to riling up everyone in every conversation.

Big Brother seems to have taken a liking to this brash ball of mischief having taken him on two Secret getaways. 

The first was with Kgosi to a Secret Island of Paradise and then recently he was gate crashed into Suite 501 to share in Kat’s reward.

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