March 19, 2014

Task: Mummies and Daddies

Aptly called Social Awareness Week, Big Brother has wound the pressure cooker up a notch with a Task we prefer to call ‘Baby Boomers’.
If the Housemates ever underestimated parenthood, this Task will slap them into a reality filled with wailing new-born babies, soiled nappies and sleepless nights; as it seems to have already done with the fledgling families.

It goes without saying that we’ll be looking out for what values they hope to impart on their growing offspring this week and whether they are good parents or not. Being parents in the limelight (by virtue of being on TV), a more important question is; will the new parents look any good doing it? We are going to keep our eyes peeled for the whole package.

There have been children, mothers and fathers since the beginning of time. Many have pulled it off and many managed only by the skin on their teeth. It is no doubt that under the pressure, people crack but we don’t want to see the Housemates break a sweat because there’s nothing as impressive as a yummy mummy or a dandy daddy.

The Housemates are no strangers to pressure; having gone through more than a fair share of Strikes, reproaches, losses and now an all-out possibility of Eviction. Just how are they going to raise their new babies under the general dysfunction? How would Kat explain to her baby boy why uncle Mandla always walks around the House in his underwear?

Each week the pressure chooses an unsuspecting poor sod to rile up and play for a fool. Lola was the first to reach breaking point for all the world see. Jase lost his cool with Mandla over a bottle of Shap Shap.

We just hope the parents will keep their aplomb this week, for the sake of their babes if nothing else.

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