March 28, 2014

What has Kat done to annoy Iris?

The day Iris walked into the House for the first time, having traded in her Chambermate status for a Housemate upgrade, Kat welcomed her with wide open eyes and a smile to match.

Their friendship took off with Kat initiating a pact that they should always look out for each other because everyone was playing the Game and trust was most elusive. This was just what the often vulnerable Iris needed with Lexi’s difficult energies directed at her.
Kat and Loko welcomed her into their circle and the three closely resembled a girl band, even calling themselves ‘Lokiris’. Iris had found home.
Kat found herself all alone in the Jacuzzi with MK to keep her company. The waves in the jacuzzi seemed to pull Kat closer than usual to MK; a little too close for comfort. Iris almost flew out of her bed to confirm what seemed to be her suspicions. 

There she found her ‘choma’ (bestie) wrapped around MK. Her eyes might have popped out of their sockets she couldn’t believe it.

From that day it seemed Iris saw Kat for her Kitty-Kat ways and as much she adored their friendship a foul stench seemed to have crept in. It’s no lie that Kat was able to fish for and catch attention from the opposite sex. Perhaps the territorial alpha female in her came out and we could spot her glaring at her bestie in a less than flowery way.

Kat tried to explain her behaviour away by blaming it on the devil below. That was her story and she stuck to it. Good friends are sure hard to find in this Game, especially with someone as hungry for the million as Kitty-Kat.

We hate to do it, but we predict a clash of friendships in the not so distant future. Do you?

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