March 14, 2014

Today's Diary Sessions

Almost all the Diary sessions were about HoH and suprises today, Big Brother did allow his housemates to vent and also asked them what their biggest surprise in life was.

The diary sessions kicked off with Sol who we all know can go on for days about even the thinnest of subject matters but this time Biggie made it clear that he was to keep it brief. Sol spoke about everything from the fight between Jase and Mandla, where he obviously sided with his buddy and elaborated on how Jase is immature.

About the relations in the house, the Radio DJ was very diplomatic, saying that “everyone here is an adult” and that many of the Housemates are “acting like children” when it comes to specific Housemates getting close.

Given the fact that Biggie always has to turn it up, he asked Miss Kat into the Diary room next. She was positively exuding happiness and batting her eye lashes for good measure while she told Biggie about her situation with Jase, she believed him to be a liar and she does not plan on continuing any kind of relationship with him, but then again, we have all heard that one before.

It was then the turn of the man himself, Jase who was called up but due to his puffy eyes and sick condition, Biggie did not keep him long and he chose to seek refuge in his bed upstairs.
Now for the beginning of the Diary sessions you were all waiting for, Lexi did not give too much away and was rather somber during her session where she outright told Biggie that not much has changed for her in terms of the dynamic of the House and that her relationship with Iris is definitely not strained.

Lexi's man Mandla came in next to add some spice to the stew where he admitted to ‘getting warm’ with Lexi and said that “even though she acts like she doesn’t care, she really does and she is just scared of getting hurt again”. 

Wow, it seems the ice Queen has melted his heart, how strangely romantic. On the situation with him and Jase, he restrained himself and for that, Big Brother commended him.

Loko completely unpacked Lexi’s strategy, way too transparent according to her and that she is playing Mandla, which really makes her sad. Another interesting thing that came from her session was that she completely downplayed her quasi-relationship with Poolie. Oh, Loko, don’t you know? The camera never lies.

Mzamo then came in for what he felt was his best Diary session to date. He spoke candidly about his strategy saying that he will do whatever it takes to get rid of Lexi, he dissected the groups in the House and said that he will no longer be making any emotional decisions, all his choices will be made purely out of strategy.
The first wife Iris, made her appearance and told Biggie that the relationship with MK is on the rocks due to an altercation that ensued the night before but that she will do anything to have him all to herself because she “doesn’t she like to share”.

The very vocal MK kept his session brief and other than expressing his outright dismay at not being able to ever win HoH, it was rather grey.
Gossip girl and self-proclaimed ‘wife’ to MK, Thando obviously followed her hubby and let loose regarding all the Housemates saying that many of the ‘relations’ are fabricated for personal gain. She gave sympathy to her ‘son’ Jase and spoke candidly about her alliance with Mzamo, she says they are so close because they both have common interests and their reasons for being in the House are the same.

Lastly was unassuming Poolie who is definitely falling for his squeeze, Miss Loko is in for a surprise as he wants to make a special dinner for her even asking Biggie for a table, which was abruptly declined. It’s the thought that counts though Poolie! Who would have thought this dark horse was a romantic at heart? Lucky girl Loko.
Things are getting juicer as the days roll on but if you really want to see things morph and turn on their heads then be sure to tune into the Friday night games tonight.

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