March 10, 2014

Today's Big Brother Mzansi Nominations

If at all you missed today's Big Brother Mzansi Nominations, here's is a summary of how the housemates nominated each other. Just like it was expected, sexy Lexy received the highest number of nominations seven, followed by young Jase who received six nominations, he was then followed by Thando and Mandla who got three nominations each.

Thando: Lexi and Sol       
Poolie: Mandla and Kat     
Mzamo: Lexi and Mandla     
Jase: Lexi and Sol         
Kat: Jase and Thando       
Loko: Lexi and Mandla      
MK: Lexi and Jase         
Lexi: Thando and Jase      
Sol: Jase and Lexi         
Iris: Lexi and Jase        
Mandla: Jase and Thando    

Which housemates do you think might appear on the Chopping block this week?

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