March 23, 2014

This Week's Round-Up

This week was incontrovertible evidence that Big Brother Mzansi is in fact, a game and the reward at the end is getting closer and closer to being won.

First came the verbal onslaught that went down between Lexi and Kat after the Live Show on Sunday.

This was followed by much gossip and conspiracy from Mzamo, Thando, Kat, Loko and Iris.

Monday was the weekly Nominations, Arena Games and Immunity Challenge and whilst almost every Housemate Nominated Lexi as well as Sol to even further ensure that Lexi leaves, they were abruptly shut down when she won Immunity along with her fellow Capetonian Poolie.

None of that actually mattered as later on Monday evening, Biggie handed out strikes to the gossip gang as well as putting all the Housemates up for Nomination as punishment for the gang’s bad behavior.

This came as a huge shock to the House, they were all up in arms over what had just happened.

Tuesday saw the introduction of Social Awareness Week , the first Task given to the Housemates was coming up with a social awareness campaign, complete with a slogan, logo, TV advertisement and talk show. They decided to go with ‘Pace Yourself' along with a clock as their logo, but the Task didn’t end there.

Housemates found that Big Brother had laid out a nursery adjacent to the dining room and in the nursery room were four babies (dolls) in prams and the purpose was for them to look after their babies, take them for regular walks, console them when they cry, change their diapers when they need changing and keep them occupied.

Poolie and his lady Loko were given a Secret Task of having to Secretly change the babies without the surrogate parents noticing.

Needless to say, the Housemates won their Wager on presentation night and were absolutely over the moon and Biggie rewarded them with popcorn, alcohol and a DVD showcasing the talent of one of South Africa’s most prominent Dj’s – Black Coffee.

The indoor concert was a great source of entertainment, especially for Iris and Mzamo. Good Karma smiled upon Loko on Friday as she finally mustered up the courage to talk to Lexi and come to some sort of understanding, after this followed the HoH Task where Loko went on to win. Something she has been wanting since the very beginning.

Later in the afternoon were the Diary sessions and interestingly enough when Biggie asked the Housemates who they thought would be going home on Sunday, every single one of them said Thando, including Thando herself. Only time will tell.

The Friday night games were eventful to say the least, featuring cling wrap and virtual runs which landed up in Kat winning Immunity.

Saturday saw Biggie rewarding the Housemates with a fun filled beach party and bingo games, this really lifted everyone’s spirits and created a light and joyous atmosphere for the Channel O Party Zone.

Dj Naked went in on Saturday night and blew everyone’s mind, the guy wouldn’t stop dropping those old school gems that sent the Housemates into a nostalgic spin.

Everyone was moving, shaking, laughing and joking. The mood was even void of any tension toward Lexi who seems to have patched things up with the gossip gang. Her and Mandla even went to go and steal a few kisses on the stair away from the others.

Could the evening have been so amazingly successful due to the fact that everyone knew that this is the last night in the House for at least one of them or have they just decided to be adults and put all the fuss and fanfare behind them?

Today is the game changer where we will see everything change, get ready Mzansi

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