March 20, 2014

There's no time for resting

Looking after one's babies is not easy work and by now I think the Housemates are well aware of this.

However the Housemates have found very creative and easy ways to have fun with the entire process especially during last night just like any parent else where in the world would.

Surely they did not leave parenting get in the way of "bumping the liquor". Gathering up the courage to face the long night that lies ahead, perhaps? Nothing wrong with a few Shap Shaps to make you feel alright!

Living 'young and wild and free' is clearly difficult with wailing babies demanding your attention. After failing to keep Chuck quiet, the Dj Sol handed the baby over to Thando and told her "Lomntwana unamadimoni" (This baby is demon-possessed). 

With that, he made a beeline for a Shap Shap to calm his shot nerves. Thando tried to rock the baby to sleep and when she failed, she playfully offered the baby some of her wine. Luckily, the baby went quiet before getting soused off the sauce.

Biggie's Housemates seem to be enjoying the Baby Task and mean while Mzamo couldn't put the baby down in that during the comedy sketch preparations, Thando told him that she felt like he was falling in love with the baby.

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