March 13, 2014

The reason why Iris is limping

If at all you had a feeling that beauty queen Iris could be faking her limping at some point, you are not the only one with that thought because that has been the topic which was trending all over social networks of late.

But here it is, Thando stepped on Iris' foot during Dance Week after which Thando accidentally sat on her foot again. Iris has been complaining about the excruciating pain since then. She's lucky to have the smooth MK by her side who has been generous enough to help her move around the house. So if you still think Iris is faking the limping, you now know that she isn't.

She's been trying her best to move around the house but judging from her movement, it's clear that the girl is in severe pain. Every now and then, she has been despondent. Seriously we can't blame her because no one wants to be treated like an egg if you think about it.

This morning when the other Housemates where busy with their usual morning exercises, limping Iris looked so tormented. She had to sit and watch her fellow Housemates working out.

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