March 13, 2014

The possibilities inside Biggie's house

With all the crying and the moaning that’s been trending in the weather a Diary Session and a chance to get comfortable with old guy Biggie. There definitely was going to be no one as caring and nurturing as Biggie and the Housemates knew just as much.

The general sentiment is tearing in an opposite direction to Lexi as most Housemates continue to see her as something of a threat and a nuisance all bundled into one ball of strategizing. 

Yes, the consensus was unshaken in the belief that Lexi and Mandla, Mandlexis to be exact, were running a distinct game that often meant the rest of the Housemates were collateral or pawns.

Sol, Kat and Loko testified to the Mandlexi game at Big Brother’s podium with Thando pointing out that she had fallen for Lexi’s manipulation and so did Mzamo. 

Now as Lexi scampered to the safety of Mandla she had burnt too many bridges. But Kat, ever affectionate, seemed to have come in as Lexi’s refuge. How things changed.

Without straying too far from Kat, her and Jase seemed to creep back into the frame after a much too short hiatus. After reassuring Biggie that he was safely out of the line of danger, Jase stepped outside and immediately ran into the arms that cast him out, none other than the arms of Kat. 

During her session Kat confirmed to Biggie that she indeed had Jase wrapped around her pinky as he was back and begging for more.

On a lighter, less conniving note, Biggie asked Housemates who they would pick to represent South Africa given the chance. While Biggie seemed to suggest something about a lucky Housemate being transplanted into a Big Brother experience abroad, Mandla came out highly recommended.

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