March 21, 2014

The Naked DJ

Saturday night 21:00 kick starts Channel O's Party Zone in the House. Last week saw DJ Lulo Cafe's decks on fire or was it Kat's beating Heart? Or was it the decks?

It's the one night a week Housemates can live in the moment and have fun without worrying they might have to forfeit something in return. It is what it is and it's Channel O Party Zone time, are the Housemates ready for a bit of Naked DJ?

The Naked DJ is one of SA’s most popular Hip Hop DJs and with a name like 'the Naked DJ' he's not the kind of guy that goes unnoticed. He has rocked crowds throughout Mzansi along some of the world’s greatest artists including Beyoncé, 50 Cent and Nas, just a few small names on the circuit!

DJ Naked is not only a Club DJ, he's a recording artist and a prominent radio personality on one of South Africa's most popular music radio stations.

His album is one of the most anticipated local music projects of 2014. The all star line up on his upcoming mix includes original tracks from award winning artists Amu, Proverb, Prokid, Mr.Selwyn, Flabba, Slikour, Shugga Smacks, AKA, RJ Benjamin, Teepee Khuli Chana, Nothende, Ramesh, Kabomo and Ammara Brown. These artists have a combined online presence of over 150,000 followers both on Twitter and Facebook; how do you like them numbers?

DJ Naked is driven by his fan base and is deeply engaged on both social platforms, so why not drop him a Tweet and say "Hi" at @Naked_DJ.

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