March 14, 2014

The Money or the Game

If you thought last week's Friday Night Games were a bomb shell, tonight's viewing will leave you climbing your living room walls, Biggie, has delivered again.

Lungile has just made an appearance by request of Biggie to negotiate a Friday Night Game with very high stakes; one Housemate could walk away with up to R200,000 and a golden handshake to leave the Game and another will find themselves with a hall pass all the way to the finale. 

Jaws on the floor yet? We can't wait to see how this plays out... we sound so evil when we say things like this, we truly don't mean to be, it's just that we are as curious as you are.

If you weren't tuned in, we'll clear things up; tonight's Games will exclude the three Nominees, Big Brother Mzansi fans, that's Jase, Lexi and Sol, they will watch from afar, yes, this means Lungile will be crossing to the House for four times lucky HoH, Mzamo's Save and Replace; that's one less item on the shopping list during Sunday's Live Show. 

Simple so far yes? Not so much, Housemates participating in the Game are about to make a life changing decision that will affect their fate and the outcome of the Big Brother Mzansi Game. It sounds dramatic, but it is dramatic; tonight's Games are going to smoke, it's going to get that hot.

As Lungile explained, Big Brother will call the remaining Housemates one at a time to the Games Room and ask them to go around a divide to a hidden money wall and select the amount of money that they would be willing to settle for in order to leave the Big Brother House this evening and when we say this evening, we mean immediately. Decisions, decisions, it's the 'sliding door' syndrome, the difference a left or right turn can make.

Next step for those in the Game will be to remove their chosen figure from the money wall, place it inside a suitcase with their name on it, come back from the money wall with their suitcase and stand behind a podium with strict instruction to zip it, not make a peep or utter a word until everyone is in position. Thereafter, Housemates will be asked to reveal their chosen figures one by one and explain why they settled on that number.

Big Brother has decided that for tonight’s Friday Night Game the two Housemates who select the smallest amounts of money will be sent to the Vault, Bigs is not a fan of greed or gluttony.

In the Vault the two Housemates will play a Buzzer Game where up to R200 000 will be up for grabs as well as an automatic pass into the final week, in other words Immunity that will see them through till the end of the Game, Housemates obviously don't know Biggie's lucky number nor do they know about the Immunity lifeline but one lucky so and so will be the cat with nine lives at the end of this battle.

Biggie's games always come with a jeopardy, so let the games begin.

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