March 13, 2014

The history of the word "Big Brother"

Have you ever wondered how the Big Brother Game got its name? It's a literature reference Big Brother Mzansi fans, so read up.

The Game Show Big Brother takes its name from the classic George Orwell novel, 1984. To keep it really short and simple, in the book, Big Brother is an omnipresent and invisible government surveillance force of public mind control, put that in your sandwich and eat it!

What is truly amazing is that the book was published in 1949 and is an insightful look into the future and the guy was not too far off, there are CCTVs everywhere snapping us in shopping centres, on the roads, even in cozy restaurants.

But this is about Biggie, and why we mention 1984 is because the Big Brother in 1984 and our Biggie in Big Brother Mzansi are always there yet never seen, you know he's there but you don't know if he really exists, what he looks like or who he is.
This week, Housemates were set the Task of molding a clay bust of what they thought Biggie looks like. What's interesting here is that all the Housemates have had the most intimate conversations with him yet he has no visual identity. Weird when you think about it, huh? A deeply private conversation with someone you've never seen.
His deep and silky voice resonates through the House every day; the fact that we don't know what he looks like makes him even sexier, so much left to the imagination, yummy (this one's for you ladies). 
Housemates are going to have to present their Biggie busts tonight, it'll be interesting to see who wins this one because there isn't any right or wrong interpretation and it's not like Biggie is going to show his face, the international man of mystery shall remain just that.

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