March 13, 2014

The Fun during Friday Night Games

Friday signals the end of the week, downtime and Friday Night Games for the Housemates. It's always a little tense for the bunch as Biggie no doubt will deliver the unexpected and the 11 will be feeling queasy and / or anxious as the Friday sun goes down and night sets in. Biggie, generous as he is, impartial as he is, has a dark side and he's not afraid to call on it when the weekend begins; he has the mother of all surprised lined up this week.

Last week, Biggie lulled the Housemates into a false sense of security with a lavish banquet, only to stitch them up as he dished out generous helpings of blackmail for mains. Mwahahahaha (or something like that). It's not the first time he's been underhanded and it won't be the last.

He's played boys against girls, upstaged boys and girls and generally reeked the havoc he intended to cause and it's unlikely this Friday will be any different, actually we know know it's not going to be different. We also know this, Biggie is rolling up his sleeves for this week's Games, things are about to get very real, Mzansi.

The loot is only three weeks away, this means it's game on, no more Mister Nice Guy, this goes for the Housemates and Biggie as he throws unsuspecting bolts of lightening at some very nervous Housemates. He 'out-James-Bonds' James Bond, he outplays Austin Powers, he's the original international man of mystery.

Biggie has every intention of ramping it up on Friday Night, don't miss out, you'll be sorry, we can assure you! We'll even give you a clue, do you remember what he told Kat in her Diary Session yesterday? She's not usually short of words, but that piece of information stumped her.

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