March 30, 2014

The favourite Saturday Night Parties

Since Big Brother Mzansi kicked off in February, we’ve had drama, sizzling moments in the Jacuzzi, bottles thrown, tempers frayed, top DJ talent and fashion to die for.

Do you remember the first one when the scene was set for Thando and Sol’s deep and meaningful non-friendship? And that was just Day 6.

For the second Channel O Party Zone, we saw Sol, Mandlexi having a blazing row as Lexi launched into a nuclear character assassination, insulting everything from his lifestyle to his social status; bless our Lexi, she never holds back.

The evening Lexi spat more Mandla venom which eventually reduced poor Kitty-Kat to tears. Day 20 saw the blonde bombshell Dineo Ranaka tear up the dance floor with the Housemates. It was Loko’s turn to switch on the booze-fuelled waterworks when she and Kgosi had a frank frank discussion about being genuine.

On Day 27, it was the party after the Channel O Party Zone that kept us on the couch and out the bars on Saturday night. Kat had both Jase and Sol eating out of the palm of her hand. We don’t know how she does it but the girls at Big Brother Mzansi headquarters would love some tips!

There was also a Channel O Party Zone that was Lexi’s birthday party and we don’t know if it was because of the Shap Shaps she consumed but the girl was on fire and particularly wild that night.

Definately all that drinking and dancing was going to lead to the mother of all arguments which eventually earned Lexi a Strike after she smashed a bottle of booze on the floor. If was Thando that provoked her or just a bad reaction to booze, the fight was unbelievable viewing.

On day 40 saw the feisty Kuli Roberts joining the gang in the Channel O Party Zone as DJ Lulo Cafe rocked the decks.

The following week we had DJ Naked on the decks and the mandatory bumping and grinding ensued and for no apparent reason, the evening remained relatively drama free.

And then we had last night, the penultimate Saturday night Channel O Party Zone. Again, the seas remained calm and this is interesting, the dynamics in the House are infinitely calmer as Housemate numbers have dwindled.

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