March 15, 2014

Thando left inconsolable after missing a big opportunity

First off the bat it must be said, we had never seen anything quite like last night’s Friday Night Games on Big Brother Mzansi. It was like Biggie pried open a chest of treasures and teased the Housemates with a peak at all the riches inside.

Lungile asked the Housemates to pick an amount and explain to Biggie why they deserved it. Each took their pick and it wasn’t a surprise to see Housemates roll in for only the highest Rands available.

This seemed to be where Biggie caught them at their lapse of judgment. Some would call it smart and others would see it only as greed, how could they reach so high having hardly worked an honest day for the money, some would judge. But where the Housemates stumbled Mandla strode into the Vault with an amount that was lowest of them all.

We couldn’t help but wonder, was Mandla in on Biggie’s twist? Was he privy to something that flew over everyone else’s heads? After having confided in Biggie many times during his Diary Sessions that he wasn’t leaving the game without the million bucks, how did find himself with the lowest figure in his briefcase?

Here’s a theory why: While it was only luck that led him to the lowest figure, the all-out Immunity and one way ticket to the finale was his and he wasn’t going to budge on it. It had to be pure coincidence or sheer calculation on his part as he, alongside Thando, came so close yet so far.

As the Buzzer Game took off all you had to do was look around to see that Thando wanted the money while Mandla was happy to take the Immunity. Just when Thando thought she had nabbed a neat sum of money time had run out for them both. Mandla was the picture of calm at her side, unflinching and sure of himself.

Thando was inconsolable and her heart broke into little pieces as she realized what an opportunity she had led slip away.

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