March 10, 2014

Thando cries after Lola's exit

Last night when Lola was Evicted from the Big Brother Mzansi house Mk wasn't the only housemate that shed tears, her best friend inside the Thando also broke down in tears as she couldn't hold it no more.

Really it goes without saying that the twins made their presence felt over the last two weeks, courtesy of the juicy gossip they freely shared. Just last week, both Lola and Thando were slapped with a Strike for collusion, leaving the other Housemates suspicious of their intentions.

On Saturday evening, they were involved in another brawl, which earned Lexi her first Strike. During the thick of an argument, the feisty Cape Townian broke a bottle, putting her fellow Housemates' lives at risk.

The fact that Lola has left, Thando has lost a confidante, fellow strategist and sister; all wrapped in one fiery-haired ball and could ultimately become a Nominations target this week. Thando has isolated herself so much it will be a miracle if she does not score the most Nominations during this afternoon's Nominations Sessions.

While having a conversation last night, Sol and Kat discussed Thando's Strike and how it all worked out for the best because they now know she considers them a threat.
However, all is not lost for this pretty girl with the wide smile.

Over the last couple of days, she and Jase have become super close, courtesy of their disapproval of Kat's shenanigans. Out of everyone in the House, Jase remains the only Housemate Thando can actually reveal her innermost secrets to, so this tells us Thando can count on Jase to help her navigate life in the House and the volatile characters that live within that space. Too bad he can be a bit childish at times.

Poolie is another friend we think she can count on. However, Poolie is too busy with his lady love, Loko at midnight, to lock her into a friendship of the ages.

Life in the Big Brother House is surely going to get super rough for Thando. Will she rise to the occasion and show us just how much of a tough cookie she is?

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