March 13, 2014

Task: Putting the wax in

Wax art is a delicate, nimble form of craft that requires an imagination as whimsical and as bonding as wax itself. But careful not to get yourselves burnt!
It seemed that during Art Week Big Brother required the Housemates to display how creative and dirty they could get with their hands.

First up they needed mold an sculpture out of our unidentified Biggie using clay and now the bunch needed to heat some candles and melts wax over a canvass in the shape or form a special and unique piece of art.

Creating a work of art from wax requires focus, a steady hand and a wild imagination because while there needs to be control the Housemates needed to let go and allow the forces of gravity to be with us.

Big Brother provided the Housemates with fiery red candles fit just for their personalities. The rambunctious bunch got down, craft and dirty with the House resembling art class in the nursery school up the road.

We can’t wait to see what Big Brothers little Picasso’s and modern day impressionists dazzle viewers with their creativity and panache, something that had definitely breathed life into Head of House Mzamo clad in his zebra gown and perhaps even in Kat and Jase’s strained relationship.

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