March 21, 2014

Task Presentation: Housemates get a Gold Star from Biggie

The task presentation this evening began in a cozy over-crowded home with a family sprawled all over the lounge clearly enjoying an episode of the eight-o-clock soap opera. Then an ad break erupted on to screen like a vulture in the night.
The stage was set and in the blink of an eye, Sol and Mandla were old friends perched at the bar, grumbling over their personal woes. 
The issue at hand was that Sol’s marriage seemed damned and cursed to an eternity of childlessness. Back at the hens pen Kat, as Sol’s hapless wife, rounded her bosom buddy s around the manicure dresser and cried foul over her childless marriage.
While the husband’s solution was to seek advice from the bones and wisdom of traditional healer Poolie, the wife received a mouthful of advice from her friends. Iris was the most outspoken of the lot, offering her husband as a donor because Sol simply wasn’t cutting it.
 As the ad break faded out the colorful family of mothers, fathers, uncles and aunts in the lounge dissected the moral of the story. A stern word around abstinence was spoken over the young couples children who played innocent hand games at the elder’s feet.
PACE was the moral of the story. The rambunctious bunch, with wise uncle MK at the helm, left us with the simple message to Plan. Abstain. Condomize and Enjoy.
Big Brother was impressed at their effort throughout the week, from nurturing newborns and sleepless nights to presenting a Talk Show that not only entertained but educated as well.
Amidst feuds and countless strikes The Housemates worked together and proved themselves Socially Aware. For that they got a gold star from Biggie.
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