March 13, 2014

Task: The mascot

With Art Week well under way, Biggie really knows how to keep the Housemates busy. Yesterday, he turned them all into potters for the day and today he has taken a shine to sculpting.

As the controversial HoH Mzamo read out the brief, you could see some of the Housemate’s faces light up at the prospect of channeling their inner Michelangelo.

The renaissance in relation to art was the revival of European art and literature under the influence of classical models in the 14th to the 16th century.

The Housemates are to revive the artists within and create their very own renaissance piece.One of the most famous art forms to come out of that period, was sculpture.

The Housemates have received a block to sculpt from, masks and sculpting knives.

With all of these provided materials they have begun work on their Task to sculpt a mascot for the House.

The mascot could be anything they desire and whether they chose it out of sheer ease or just because they truly love the game, the Housemates have decided to sculpt a giant domino as their House mascot. Very fitting indeed, seeing as though the game has become somewhat of a solace to many of them.

On presentation night, the Housemates will have to introduce their domino, explain exactly what it is to Biggie, name it and explain why it represents the House perfectly.

Our enthusiastic Housemates got cracking right away but just as they were getting into it, the heavens opened and caused many of them to retreat inside, well everyone but power couple Loko and Poolie.

Sculpting in the rain, now that’s dedication.

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