March 13, 2014

Task: Housemates faced it

Honestly speaking art is all about questioning, imagination and expression and this week Big Brother is channeling and challenging these faculties in the Housemates.

In a task we might call 'bust a Biggie'? No? creativity did take over. Big Brother gave his housemates a block of clay and asked them to enlist their minds eye and mold a bust of how they imagine Big Brother might look.

As much as art finds its roots in all things visual, it is also important to have the capacity to visualize and create wonders out of nothing; and this is where imagination plays.

So let’s put our thinking caps on; what do we already know about Big Brother? We know he has a distinct velvet drone in his voice that keeps the Housemates measured all the while maintaining an all-knowing, always present and always watchful sense.

In his absence Biggie is always present, he is there, laughing, laying down the law and extending a shoulder to for the forlorn to cry on. He is kind of like the Big Brother they never had.

Does Biggie sound like a tall glass of dark stout or is he more of a red velvet super-sized cup cake? You tell us. We want to know how you think Big Brother looks and please show some character

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