March 24, 2014

Sol won Immunity by showing off his knowledge

Sol made it to the Finale after acing the general knowledge Immunity Challenge and the fact that this was the last Immunity Challenge of the Season, his victory therefore guarantees the radio jockey a spot in the Finale alongside fresh babes, Loko and Kat.

The question that nailed Sol's victory was; the country that hosts the famous Oktoberfest Beer festival? Sol quickly grabbed the red, yellow and black flag of Germany.
The Housemates were presented with 10 flags at each of the six stations for the individual Immunity challenge.

Biggie then asked them a series of questions relating to the flags. They in turn raised the flag they thought related to that answer. With only one spot up for grabs, the stakes were high and whoever answered seven questions correctly would win Immunity.

Check out how the game progressed:

Which country is also the world's smallest continent? With Iris bravely picking the Swaziland flag and Mandla going for the Indian one, these two were way off the mark. Lexi, MK, Poolie and Sol correctly selected Australia.

Which country has the cow as its sacred animal? MK, Lexi, Sol and Poolie got this one right again while Mandla was seen shuffling with a Chinese flag. The correct answer was India.

One of the countries has Mandarin as an official language? The correct answer is China. Poolie boldly selected Zimbabwe. At least Mandla got this one right this time while Iris seemed to have given up.

The flag of this country also appears in the flags of Australia and New Zealand? All Housemates nailed this one, which was the Union Jack.

The country whose flag has a chichen itza, one of the seven wonders of the world? Iris, Sol and Poolie chose the correct answer; Mexico.

As the quiz progressed, it became clear that some Housemates were parasites, as they waited for the 'smarter' ones to raise their flags before following suit.

However, this time it was Sol who emerged victorious and with this win, he sails straight to the Finale.

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