March 09, 2014

Sol reveals his Save and Replace decision

Following a full week in the dark regarding whether Sol had saved her from the Eviction gallows, Kat finally heard the brutal truth, with her fellow Housemates and millions watching.

The previous week, the stunner cranked up her flirtatious ways, in the hopes of being saved by Sol, who has made it no secret he has the hots for her.
However when faced with the HoH Swap, Sol chose mind over heart and Saved Mandla instead. When explaining his reasoning for the stunning Swap, Sol revealed how he considers Mandla a strong character. "I hope when and if he is in the same position as I am today, he will return the favour and save me from possible Eviction". Will his gamble pay off? Only time will tell.

But during the live Eviction show tonight, Sol was called upon to reveal his Swap by Live Show host Lungile, there was absolutely no beating about the bush. I saved my man Mandla and put Thando up instead," he said, which seemed to excite Lexi. 

"Yes!"she exclaimed, while punching the air. Kat seemed thrown off for just a moment, but quickly regained her confidence.

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