March 25, 2014

Sol claims Loko was drunk during Sunday's show

Loko was as drunk as a skunk during the Live Eviction Show on Sunday evening according to Sol, .

The Deejay revealed this during a particularly juicy gossip session he and Kat had in the comfort of Suite 501.

It's said that Loko stole a bottle of alcohol on Sunday night and that seems to have rubbed Sol up the wrong way. "How selfish can she be? She already had a bit of booze left over from Saturday and she decided to drink all of it about 30 minutes before the Live Show. 

She was drunk throughout the show and was dancing around like a crazy person. I expect that from Lexi, who's stashed a bottle of vodka before, not Loko, who acts like a saint," an angry Sol spat.

In order to prove just how angry he is at Loko for stashing booze, Sol decided he will steal Loko's beloved whiskey, as soon as he and Kat leave Suite 501. That's sure to cause drama. We all know how much Loko loves her 'Likwa'.

Sol revealed how Loko always uses the "I'm such a nice person line" and broadcasts it every time she does something nice.

Kat, who is friends with Loko, chimed in with her very own dissection of Loko's character. She told Sol how she thinks Loko's been lying about the intimacy part of her relationship with Poolie. "Me and Iris once saw Poolie with his pants all the way down under the blankets. He quickly covered himself when he saw us," Kat said.

The two have decided Kat will confront Loko and have a little talk with her before things get out of hand.

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