March 28, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Emmett

Tears were shed this evening shortly after the Housemates' Wager win. Instead of leaving the Housemates to celebrate a well-deserved Task victory, Big Brother pulled the tear-jerker of the Season.

Big Brother effected the Statue Task as soon as the Wager win was announced and then said "Emmett, it is time for you to leave the House." Despite the fact that the Housemates were motionless, their facial expressions and eyes were more than telling. 

MK's face dropped as soon as Big Brother announced Emmett's exit and he struggled to hold back the tears. After realising he was fighting a losing battle, MK let the tears fall.

Before leaving, Emmett addressed each of the Housemates and shared pearls of wisdom that will aid them for the remainder of the game. After doing the rounds, Emmett addressed MK, who he had grown closest to over the last four days.

"MK, you're the first person I saw when I walked in here. You became a very good friend. I'm going to miss you, buddy,"
the Canadian said.

Emmett entered the House the same way he left, but just how emotional his exit would be was unprecedented. Bon Voyage Mr. Canada! Mzansi will miss you. To drop Emmett a goodbye tweet, follow @BBMzansiFans and use #BBByeEmmett in your tweets.

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