March 17, 2014

Poolie and Lexi win this week's Immunity

Life is a balancing act and so is being in the Big Brother Mzansi House. Endurance was pulled out of the hat and Immunity dangled in their faces during a test of mental and physical focus.

With only a large concrete ball and wooden plank for support, Housemates had to perch themselves on the planks and employ a technique that would stand them the test of time. This was far from a walk in the park as Housemates were practically suspended on a needle and a shaft.

As Big Brother rang the Task in, the girls, first up, had to pull off a gravity defying balancing act. With only a rod to initiate their symmetry the rest of the act rested solely on their backs, or on their glutes and calves to be exact.

It was epic to see the Housemates sturdy themselves against the strongest force in the universe with Thando and Iris taking the first dive down. But Lexi and Poolie pulled it off with in star quality and with aplomb. After a stand-off with a wobbly Loko and a much too anxious MK the two’s lower body strength came out solid and intact. What a challenge!

Mzamo, as the leader of the band against Lexi could not hide his displeasure. The girls seemed strictly against the newly Immune lass as they couldn’t even bring themselves to congratulate her, rather isolating her and dismissing he win in whatever way they could.

Back at the House, it was like Lexi was their favourite painting on a gallery wall as they dissected and tore her character to pieces over some crisps and cool aide.

For the boys, it was another chance fought and lost as MK ground his teeth and kicked himself for letting another challenge slip through his fingers.

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