March 24, 2014

Paranoi takes over

While hhe was entering the Big Brother Mzansi House, Biggie gave a Secret Task to new comer Emmett.
Emmett wasn't only thrown into the dungeon that is this dysfunctional bunch but he now had to rile all of them up. This would unsettle anyone, much less Emmett, who might also be suffering somewhat of a culture shock.
MK did take him under his brotherly wing, showing him around the House, schooling him on some local culture and even bonding with the new kid on the block over dish washing duty. It was like love at first sight for MK as he could be seen chuckling at every joke Emmett tried to pull.
Mean while both Mandla and Sol's paranoia antennae came erect and buzzed over time. These two lads held a caucus upstairs and dissected the possibilities each and every way from the sun. 

Could Emmett be an actor pulling off a convincing Mr Canada act? Could he be Biggies Secret agent? Would that lone suitcase last him the rest of the month? Was Kat sent to Canada in his place? The pair’s blood pressure mounted at the possibilities.

Their suspicion infected the others with Loko suggesting to Lexi that she switch the ‘Lexifier’ on and direct it Emmett's way. The guy wouldn’t survive that onslaught; he may just lose his marbles.

Emmett had one mammoth of a Task with all this mistrust making the rounds. We couldn’t wait to see it all unfold.

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