March 15, 2014

Mzamo leads the "Lexi out" Campaign

The ladies of the Big Brother Mzansi House are behaving rather badly today, they seem to have had enough of wild child Lexi’s ways and they intend on letting her know.

The instigator in this instance is most certainly Mzamo who has been vocal for a while about the fact that he wants her out but now it seems he has recruited support on his anti-Lexi campaign from many of the ladies in the House.

Thando and Kat are spear heading this movement with a vengeance, literally spending the better part of the day plotting and gossiping about her with no remorse.

There have been talks of a planned confrontation which is set to go down this evening, straight after the Channel O party where legendary Lulo Café will be throwing it down for the Housemates.

It seems that many of the ladies believe Lexi to be a ‘fake’ and they feel it is time to call her out on this façade she so brazenly portrays.

Iris seems to be semi-conflicted, sometimes she lets Lexi in and sometimes she blatantly ignores her but one thing is for sure, Lexi has definitely been making a concerted effort with her former nemesis.

Lexi has changed a lot in the last couple of days, it could be credited to the recent development in her relationship with Mandla or pure potluck but the girl is positively glowing, smiling and at least trying to make conversation with the other Housemates.

Kuli Roberts has definitely been ’Lexified’ and because she has been giving her some time and attention, the other Housemates are under impression that Lexi is being fake just due to the fact that Kuli is in the House. The poor girl cant seem to catch a break.

It seems she has burnt some bridges though, Thando has got it in her mind that Lexi has something against her and is trying to get under her skin by subliminally hinting that Thando is either married or has been married before so therefore she feels that Lexi wants to make out that Thando is not the person she says she is.

Wow, it is obvious that the cabin fever is becoming a real thing, the ladies just need to realize that this is a game and they should just hash it out calmly when there is not ‘likwa’ involved. However, this is not how things roll on Big Brother Mzansi.

Loko is once again playing with fire, because she joins in on the action when everyone throws words around but she always plays neutral when the real action starts to take place.

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