March 11, 2014

Mzamo is the man right now

There must have been something in the waters last week because the doom and gloom crept underneath Mzamo's skin and the fabulous bloke we had come to know withdrew into the grey skies.

The first signs of his glum came pouring in after the Housemates lost their Wager, but in all honesty his spirit levels plummeted after he received word from his family in a message from home.

Apparently the lad’s family back home are his Achilles Heel as he couldn’t help but dive under covers for what appeared to be a wee cry after he spoke to his home folk via the WeChat screen.

Last week, during a Diary Session he divulged to Big Brother that he can’t wait to score the Head of House goal because he is certain that he would be in the position, finally, to play the game on his terms.

He declared to Biggie and some of his confidants that he had a trick or two up his sleeves and he was just dying to play his hand because according to him things needed to be shaken up and the equilibrium had to be disturbed.

It was just as well, in the universe of Mzamo, that he did indeed strike it thrice lucky with another Head of House win. But does luck really have anything to do with it the third time around?

We had reason to believe Mzamo’s win was steeped and drenched and soaked thick in a little potion we call strategy. Mzamo slid out of his week-long shell almost immediately after Lola said her last farewell.
Mzamo is the best housemate big brother has ever had #BBMzansi
— mzamo (@votemzamo) March 10, 2014

On Monday morning he had returned in full form to take over the game. He seemed to have subliminally led the bye-bye-Lexi squad during Nominations all the way through the Immunity Challenge passing countless side remarks about how he doesn’t want to see her win.

Well Mzamo it appears that the stars were aligning in your favour this week. Can you pin point another master strategist in the House?

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