March 10, 2014

Mzamo is Big Brother Mzansi Head of House again

This is actually the third time in six weeks that Mzamo is becoming the Head of House. Today in the morning, he snatched the most coveted title of Head of House following a simple game of chance.

After the HOH task was postponed on Friday after MK revealed to Big Brother that he had already done the proposed mathematical task before, Biggie chose to slot in the challenge this morning.

Each housemate was given a bag with balls of different colours. They were to retrieve one ball from the bag and the ones with red balls would proceed to the next round.

After five rounds of repetition, which saw Mandla, Lexi and Mzamo making the top three, Lexi and her beau Mandla both picked the unlucky blue balls. Clad in a red jumper to match the lucky ball, Mzamo could hardly believe his luck as the Housemates cheered him on.

This being the third time that Mzamo wins HoH, he has proven that whether it's a game of chance or intellect, he's just got this.

After confirmation of his victory, Mzamo highlighted what a snag the Immunity Challenge is, saying that if he had it his way, Biggie would do away with it.

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