March 15, 2014

Mzamo and Mandla working hard for the six pack

Did you see Mandla and Mzamo this morning working out like there’s no tomorrow? It’s as if they know the triathlete event, Iron Man South Africa is three weeks away.

This morning, Mandla woke up and headed to the garden, and hit the ground running, literally. The man was a machine, it was stretches and jumps and cardio all over, we wonder where this newfound vigour comes from.

This man is on a quest for a six pack after a snide remark from lover girl Lexi
who casually mentioned she wasn’t over enamoured with the ‘walking torso’s’ err, ‘moobs’ and reckoned his cuddly tummy could do with a little firming up. Ouch Lexi, was this a barbed response to his ‘jelly bum’ remark?

Mzamo, never one to miss out on an opportunity to improve his physical appearance, jumped in and joined Mandla before heading off to his HoH pamper session, another one, in fact he will be on his fourth next Saturday.

The other Housemates opted out on the afterglow of a morning workout, a week of drama and Friday Night Games got the better of the remaining ten.

Well done Mandla and Mzamo of the House, no doubt you’ll be rocking some guns and sporting a six pack by the time you walk out of the Big Brother House. Keep going guys, it’s all worth it

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