March 07, 2014

MK the man of the day

All the hype, anticipation and anxiety surrounding the HoH Task was shattered in an instant when Biggie’s bellowing words came through the speakers.

It turns out that once again, MK proves to us how much of a gentleman he really is by admitting to Biggie that he had in fact done this Task before and did not think it would be fair to the other Housemates if he competed as he would have an unfair advantage.

Shortly after Sol read the HoH Task brief for the week, our man of the hour slipped into the Diary room and told Biggie his dilemma.

In true dramatic Big Brother Mzansi fashion, everyone was called to the living room and told over the speakers about this noble act of honesty for which MK was aptly commended on.

Big Brother is now postponing the HoH Task until further notice. A huge sigh of relief was expressed all over the House as this week’s HoH Task was rather complex, to say the least.

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