March 11, 2014

Mk can't forget Lola

It’s barely been more than 48 hours and MK is already planning on jumping off to the next ship. Brother has his eye on Iris or let's say it's the other way around. Now that's something juicy, don't you thin so?

Apparently he is now changing roles and after Lola's exit, he now is talking future with Iris. The gorgeous lass couldn't refrain from talking to MK about their probable relationship which was missed at one point.

You should have seen Iris acting like a jealous girlfriend who in someway became placed on hold. A side-chick of some sort, who is now tired of being kept under wraps.

How did we miss this, we might question ourselves? All we know is that Secrets were yet to come out. It takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it. Now the truth came out of the bag.

Maybe we should stop judging and start thinking holistically. A man's got to do what a man's got to do; we suppose. Think about it again, the House has been a lonely place for the poor man after all.

There's no denying that MK has been feeling lost, he kept mentioning Lola in passing. Now he has another option, let's hope it's not for rebound's sake. Without a doubt, he has to work on mending his broken heart.

This certainly won't be difficult for him, since he is 'ladies man'. In only a matter of time, Lola will be past tense or we could be wrong. We just have faith in the guy.

Thando on the other hand has been finding ways to deal with her broken heart. Memories are hard to forget alright, but we have a few tips for you girl.

Get some ice cream and eat your heart out, then get sentimental and cry your eyes out. It will be good for you but please stay away from gossip

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