March 20, 2014

Mixed Emotions among The BBMzansi Families

Today's afternoon was an eventful one with a Secret Task in motion and a stinky leftover in the toilet.

One would think that the BBMzansi couples have been very busy during the day. We actually did see Poolie and his lady love Loko on their way to pulling off their Secret Task successfully after they were able to change Khanya's clothes without being caught out by his mom, Kat.

Even when Kat realised that Khanya had in one way changed his clothes, she never put the blame on anyone in particular.

Mean while for Mandla and Lexi, it was all smiles and chuckles as Mandla showed his lady love what takes place when one consults a traditional healer. It indeed very hilarious for sexy Lexi as Mandla shouted "Vumani bo!" At first she played along and responded "Siyavuma!" but when Mandla flowed into a trance, she simply cracked up.

Surely the family seems to be having a fallout and on the other hand MK held on to baby Happy while Thando took some time out in the nursery and Iris dealt with her own issues. The mother of one has been missing her baby back home and she even confided in Biggie during her Diary session. As the director of tonight's Comedy Sketch, MK had to carry Happy around while taking the Housemates through the rehearsals.

The big question though is; could someone have pulled a fast one on the Housemates and left a stinky something something in the toilet? Lexi was pretty taken aback when she stepped in the toilet and found a nasty surprise. Though she was convinced that it could be a prank, someone pinned it on Kat. Not Kat though! Was that Sol throwing her under the bus during his Diary session? Clearly, there's trouble in paradise!

Only a few minutes before the Task Presentation kicks off. Will the Housemates nail this one?

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