March 16, 2014

Mandla is worried about his nominates friends

The fact he's safe for this week can't stop Mandla from worrying about his nominated friends, he has both of his closest companions in the House up for eviction this evening.

While having a heated conversation with Mzamo last night, Mandla was confronted with the reality of his situation. He expressed his worry and sadness to Mzamo who shot it down faster than a turkey two days before Thanksgiving.

Mzamo didn't hesitate to let Mandla know that every decision he makes has a consequence and that he needs to be aware of what he is doing in a space he shares with many other people. The heart to heart between the two went on for the better part of an hour but one thing was consistent, strategy.

Mean while Mzamo and Mandla have always had a good relationship but these guys both know the game is becoming more real by the day so talking strategy with every sentence and the phrase “Do you get what I’m saying” resounded more than once.

We are all aware of the fact that Mzamo does not like Lexi so was this talk with Mandla a substitute for the ‘planned confrontation’ that was supposed to go down after the party?

However it's also not a secret any more that Mandla truly loves Lexi because he has even admitted it to Big Brother in one of his dairy sessions saying quite clearly “I think I’m falling for her”.

Sol is very close to Mandla in that he even saved him from Nomination when he was the Head of House. These two are close confidants so it is no wonder that he is feeling very anxious.

Therefore if either of them go this evening it will pull the rug right from under Mandla, who has won the hearts of a nation with his honest portrayal of who he is, adding a smile and a laugh whenever he can.

Whether its cross-dressing or not dressing at all, he is charismatic and colourful but if either of his closest companions in the Big Brother Mzansi House get evicted, it will seriously throw him off.

What effect will this have on his strategy? Who will he band with next? How will he cope for the rest of his stay in the House? These are the things that are more than likely running through his head. The guy is stressed and who could blame him?

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