March 29, 2014

Mandla has finally had enough of Lexi's antics.

The whirlwind romance between Mandla and Lexi that took us up in its gales looks like it has finally come to an abrupt end.

Lexi has never been one to keep her opinions to herself and has always expressed levels of sometimes brutal honesty, whether this is the ‘real’ her or just a ploy for attention is still a mystery but this time it landed her in hot water both literally and metaphorically.

Things got tropical rather early for this Housemates this Saturday, with a braai and no shortage of Shap Shap’s with landed up in Lexi stripping down and climbing into the steamy hot Jacuzzi.

An intense conversation followed between her and Mandla where vicious words were exchanged, even though Lexi usually gets away with verbal murder when it comes to her man, this time was different, he had finally had enough.
After a lot of verbal jousting Mandla finally said to her “You are here for the money, what else could you possibly be here for?” and when she sheepishly replied “I am here for the experience, maybe I will be in porn movies.”

Strangely enough, that seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back and in a moment of silence, Mandla just got up and walked away, leaving a brooding Lexi in the Jacuzzi, stewing in her own thoughts.

Lexi is definitely the type of character that likes to push boundaries but has she just gone too far this time? Has all the ranting about ‘you people’ and ‘monkeys’ and ‘real life’ finally just become too much?

After this dramatic turn of events, it was obvious that Lexi knew she was in the wrong but was too proud to admit it.

There was an attempt at an apology when she went upstairs to get him a Shap Shap but Mandla still seems very enthused at her constant aggression and juvenile antics. 

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