March 28, 2014

Mandla and Lexi are facing tough times

This week will go down as possibly one of the toughest weeks yet - especially for our resident love birds. Two beautiful love stories were born in the House and blossomed right in front of our eyes.

We were there when MandLexi first flirted up a storm and have been there through their intense fights. We've seen Poolie and Loko's love story grow from strength to strength and were awestruck at how perfect they are for each other.

However, this week, Poolie is up for possible Eviction. So are Mandla and Lexi. It goes without saying how distraught Loko would be if Poolie were to be given the boot.

She has found solace and comfort in his company throughout her days in the Big Brother Mzansi House and an Exit now would break her heart, without a doubt. We're almost afraid to see how she would react on Sunday if he were to be sent packing.

Could this week's Evictions force Poloko to a grinding halt? Luckily, Loko is not Nominated for possible Eviction by virtue of being Head of House, otherwise these two would be in big trouble.

If Poolie survives, then we're sure to be in for more loving gazes and whispers in the dark. Lexi's and Mandla are in a tight spot, to say the least.

The two have coasted along through the game through the support of their combined fan base (and why shouldn't they because they have also played the game the best way they know how). However, this week is more than crucial as the race to the Finale heats up and vote results are everything.

Mzansi loves these two, but could there be a split vote that could see either of the two booted out of the game? That's a possibility. Interesting times,or tough times for lovers? We'll go with the latter. We cannot wait for this Sundays Live Eviction Show. We're getting goose bumps just thinking about it.

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