March 16, 2014

Lulo makes the housemates lose control

Last night was so far the best Saturday night parties inside the Big Brother Mzansi house, The Channel O party zone was jumping with only the best beats from Lulo Café and relatively good behaviour from the Housemates.

The ladies were looking turnt as usual, all with high hemlines or trousers that left little to the imagination while the guys kept it cool.

Kat, Lexi and Iris all donned very short bandage dresses while Thando and Loko kept it a bit more demure by wearing trousers.

Both Poolie and Jase looked super cool and funky in their get ups, MK dressed it up a bit in a red collared shirt while Sol and Mandla kept it tame in jeans.

They all made their way through to the garden where DJ Lulo Café was met with screams of excitement and joy, especially from the female Housemates.

Lulo tore up the Channel O party zone with numbers from DJ Clock and Beatenberg, DJ Kent and Micasa, to mention but a few.

The usual suspects broke it down in the best way, with Loko, Mzamo and MK even did a reenactment of their rhythmically perfect pantsula routine.

Kuli Roberts joined in on the fun a couple of times but took refuge in the garden with a cigarette for company throughout the party.

For the hour that Lulo played, there was not one person in the House standing still, it was all jigs and moving feet with couples showing off to boot. Mandlex, Poloko and Mkris shook it up but it was Sol who was on his worst behavior.

After being rebuffed more than enough times by Kat, he kept trying his luck with Iris who would have absolutely none of it. He clearly fancies himself as quite the

Casanova, which blew up in his face after the party as Kat told him just where to get off.

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