March 09, 2014

Lola Evicted from Big Brother Mzansi

When Lungstar summoned the Head of House Sol to stand up, man up and reveal his Save and Replace decision, the tension was never as thick and uneasy. After a chit chat with some of the Housemates Lungile picked their brains on which strategies they employed during this week of Nominations.
Generally the feeling circled around who they thought was a threat, or perhaps even not a threat at all. Whichever way voting had to be done.

A game is only as good as the rules that hold it together and as such Sol of the House had to make a public announcement about who he chose to save and who he elected to betray…we beg your pardon, who he chose to replace.

Kat, in a figure hugging pink number, tried to hide her shock in a demure nervous chuckle but it was written all over her face. She had to join Jase, Lola and replacement Thando as they were summoned to stand up when Lungi read to them, their respective fates.

And then that moment in every game when someone had to face a ball of nerves, cringe as their name appeared at the stake and descend the plank to embark on a walk of shame. The weakest link turned out to be none other than one fiery red-head Lola.

Her bestie Thando was inconsolable as the beaut in royal blue gown was led out by her prince charming MK. Her maternal instincts shone out as she told her loved ones to stay strong and hold the tears.

While on stage, pretty Lola confessed to Lungstar that although she was sad to leave, she was glad in the same relieved breath. She dished on last nights furor between the girls, clearly raising her nose to Lexi glass-smashing antiques. When asked about her relationship with MK all the dashing dame had to say was "MK is one hell of a man"

Honestly speaking Lola has been nothing short of entertaining bringing a touch of softness measured with a kind of feistiness only a red head can bring. We wish we you all the best girl!

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