March 21, 2014

Loko wins Head of House

Loko has broken the reign of 3 time Head of House winner Mzamo and taken the title for herself. Loko is the new Big Brother Mzansi HoH and it’s about time, the beautiful Housemate has been trying for the title since the very beginning.

The Task started when the Housemates found ten game stations outside. Each game station had an opening at the top as well as a shelf underneath that has aluminum can with a key-ring attached to it.

Each station also has 30 helium balloons tied to the station with string.

At the sound of the buzzer the Housemates all had to untie the balloons one at a time and feed the string through the top of the round opening in order to tie the balloons to the key ring attached to the can.

The aim of the Task was to tie enough balloons to the key ring in order to raise the can.

Mzamo strutted into the garden very confidently, even belting out song lyrics sporadically throughout the Task but alas, it was time to break the cycle and let one of the ladies shine as HoH.

Loko has wanted this for a long time and as she won a wave of euphoria swept over her face and she screamed out in joy.

It will be interesting to see who she will Save and Replace as she is exponentially close to both Kat and Poolie.

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