March 23, 2014

Loko made it to the final first

After all that hard strategic work and honouring his duties as Head of House, Mzamo must be kicking himself for missing the target on the very week that would land him in the finals. He wasn’t going to stand in her way if Loko had anything to do with it, as this determined gal snatched the post right from under his nose.

There was never a time that being Head of House was as coveted as it was this week. Loko, having done it for the ladies, would sail smoothly into the finale. That girl saved herself just in the nick of time and as a result had landed the fabulous first spot as a finalist in the Big Brother Mzansi House.

Anybody and their imaginary friend would love to be in Loko’s position as Head of House for this particular week. The list of perks, were she to hop over the Eviction cracks today, would include saving a friend during the Save and Replace, sharing a reward with another friend, rulling the rooster and finally, the most desired of them all, Loko would be the first finalist and public enemy number one.

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