March 27, 2014

Loko and Lexi the most unlikely friends

There is a rather unlikely friendship blossoming in the Big Brother Mzansi House. In Kat’s absence, it seems Loko and former enemy Lexi have become friends.

No we are not joking! Over the last couple of days, away from Kat’s piercing glares, both Loko and Lexi have become much closer, to the point where we can most certainly call them friends.

They have had their differences, but it seems that it's all a thing of the past and whether its sharing a laugh or a joke or dancing in their bikini’s outside the Jacuzzi, these two smoking hot Housemates make a fierce pair.

Both these ladies are strong characters and after the drama that has ensued in the past, it would appear to be a crazy delusion that they could be friends but last night really cemented that statement.

After a full day of getting along and laughing, Lexi made a paella for Travel week, which was celebrated by Loko and her man Poolie (who were the first ones to sit down and taste it).

Later that evening, after some wine and good times, both ladies jumped into the Jacuzzi while Biggie bumped some local masterpieces in the House. They then jumped out of the hot tub and danced together in a euphoric state; throwing their hands in the air and laughing like old friends.

It was clear that they were having a good time and enjoying each other’s company, but what would Kat do if she had to of see this going down?

Kitty-Kat makes no Secret out of the fact that Loko is her bestie and even gets upset when she spends too much time with her man or anyone else in the House to be honest. Now she is cavorting around with Kat’s arch-nemesis. That cannot be good.

Sparks are definitely going to fly when Kat leaves Suite 501 and finds out about this new friendship.

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